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Summary: Locate child care providers in your area, and view current monitoring reports.

Applies to: Child Care Centers, Family Child Care Learning Homes, Search, Rules and Regulations, Criminal Records Check, Revocations and History of a Program.


Choosing Child Care
Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions a family will make. Families should base their decisions on actual observations by visiting the programs they are considering.

Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies help parents and families make informed decisions on finding quality child care, and offer a variety of free services, including

  • providing referrals to local child care providers
  • providing information on state licensing requirements
  • providing information on child care subsidies
  • providing parenting information, newsletters, hot lines, and workshops

For more information on your local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency, click on link below.

Using the Child Care Location Search
Steps to using the Child Care Location Search (Click here to access search)

  • Go to the Bright from the Start Home Page or Child Care Services Main Page for the Search for link in the right hand column; or, on the left hand Menu under Child Care Services Main, select Find Child Care Locations.
  • Select Child Care Locations; Provider Search page will appear.
  • Select the Type of Program (Pre-K, Child Care and Family Child Care Learning Home). You can select more than one program.
  • If you know the provider’s name, enter the name in the “Provider Name” field.
  • Select County from the drop down menu.
  • The Zip Code field is optional.
  • Click Search; Search Results page will appear.
  • Click a provider name to view details about the provider. Details Result page will appear with the provider’s information.
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Viewing the licensing history of the provider

  • Follow the steps above to access the Child Care Location Search.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Details Result page to the Site Reports section.
  • Click on the Report to view it.
  • Click the Return to Provider Search Page button at the bottom of the webpage to search for another provider.

If you have a question about a child care provider, the status of their license, or one of the reports contained in this database, contact Bright from the Start at 404-657-5562.

All licensed providers must follow the rules and regulations of the Official Compilation of Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia.

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Finding the services offered by the provider

  • Follow the steps above to access the Child Care Location Search.
  • At the Provider Details Search page scroll to view what services may be offered at the home or center such as ages served, services provided, hours of operation, and licensed capacity.
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