Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

FAQ for pre-k

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What are the age requirements to enroll in Georgia’s Pre-K Program?
What is considered acceptable documents for proof of age?
What is acceptable documentation for proof-of-residency?
Does my child have to have a social security card/number to attend?
Is there a specific waiver form I need since my child does not have a social security number?
Can I pick up my child early a few days a week?
Can I bring lunch for my child?
What is “excessive” in regards to the tardy policy?
How do I know who offers Pre-K in my area?
What should I bring to registration?
How much does it cost to register for Pre-K?
Will my child participate in graduation at the end of Pre-K?
When will Pre-K Registration be held?
Why doesn’t my child’s class take field trips?
What do I need to know to enroll a child in Georgia's Pre-K Program?
The Pre-K class I wanted is full. What do I do now?
How can I start saving for college for my child?